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Laboratory services

Recipe development

Our highly qualified staff develop new formulations on request. Recipes are compiled in close collaboration with the customer to ensure the relevant product claims can be delivered. To do this, the corresponding active ingredients are incorporated in the correct concentration, all in due consideration of the applicable regulatory requirements. Furthermore, existing recipes are continuously checked to ensure their conformity and, if necessary, are reformulated. This recipe management is a key element of our service portfolio. Furthermore, if a customer already has a formulation, protecting that intellectual property is an absolute top priority for the FRIKE GROUP, which makes us a trustworthy partner.

In the cosmetics segment, we have built up extensive experience with natural cosmetics label Natrue and the active substances and ingredients associated with the brand.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance systems are based on consistent guidelines that ensure all production sites comply with product parameters. To ensure final products satisfy a consistent quality standard, values are specified for colour, odour, pH value, density, galenics and viscosity. We also carry out a wide range of tests such as microbiological, dermatological and epicutaneous tests, either at our own in-house facilities or in external laboratories.

Quality control

Quality controls are conducted at all stages throughout the entire value creation process. From raw materials and packaging to the manufactured bulk material and the filled final product, checks are carried out according to set parameters to ascertain whether the stipulated values are being reached. In-process controls are implemented on the production line to ensure that only fault-free goods are processed. Storage tests are conducted and evaluated when working on initial production runs in order to guarantee the stability of products. The aim is to achieve a high and consistent product quality standard.

Regulatory compliance

The legal requirements for products today are very high. The correct claim and danger warnings must be used before the product can be brought into circulation. Some sales markets also require special dossiers or certifications. Requirements in the pharmaceutical sector are particularly closely regulated, although there are also numerous provisions that need to be taken into account in the cosmetics and chemical engineering sectors, too. Multiple layers of product requirements have to be met and documented, from storage and processing through to transport and marketing.